busy week

This week, by far, has been the busiest since I’ve become a mother.

Before the weekend officially arrives, we will have had two doctor’s appointments for the baby, gone to two funerals, had a bunch of my family over for two dinners, and hosted two fellow pharmacists with their two babies for lunch.

The first funeral we went to was for one of my best friend’s father. I have known Ricki for over twenty years. That’s four-fifths of my life! And for the first thirteen of those years (all the years we went to school together), she was one of my closest friends. We rarely talk nowadays, just here and there when big things happen in our lives.

Her father was killed in a terrible tractor accident. Ricki is engaged to be married and won’t get to have her daddy walk her down the aisle. Her sister Lesli had her first baby (an absolutely adorable boy) the very night her dad died. The entire family (he had five children) is understandably completely devastated. I can’t even imagine.

The second funeral was for the parent of another one of my classmates. (I only graduated with 29 other kids, what are the odds!) Blair moved to our neck of the woods sophomore year. As my girl friends became a little bit more occupied with their boyfriends, I started hanging out with the guys more the last half of high school. Blair, Bryan, and Kirk were my lunch buddies.

Blair’s mom passed away after a battle with cancer. I really didn’t know her, but was completely amazed by how strong her family and friends were as they shared stories at the service. All three of her sons and her husband stood up to eulogize her.

Death and dying are definitely not fun topics to talk about, but boy, two funerals in a week get you thinking a bit. If I died anytime in the near future, I’d want my sister to pump breastmilk for my baby, and I’d want to be buried in the Catholic cemetery back home. Odd things to think about, but since I did, I told my husband.

I’ve heard you should write a will when you have kids, if you haven’t already. I’m not so concerned about the financial aspect of a will at this point, and honestly I trust my family (Mark, my parents, and my siblings) to make decisions, but it’s probably smart to let some wishes at least be known.

Another death is heavy on my heart tonight. My sister’s co-worker’s friend is losing her newborn tonight. That breaks my heart. The baby is just a couple weeks old and they are taking her off life support. I am so thankful my baby is here with me. She’s lying on my chest right now and sleeping as I type in bed. Yes, she has a heart defect and will probably have major surgery to repair it. Yes, she has to take yucky medicine twice a day. Yes, we get to visit the cardiologist and get echos and xrays taken. But she is growing and smiling and snuggling. I feel so sad for those mamas out there who lose their kiddos, whether their child is unborn, hours outside of the womb, a fun-loving youngster, an adolescent on the verge of so many adventures, any age. It’s just terrible.

Tonight, I’m praying for the souls in Purgatory and the mourning souls left here on earth.


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3 Responses to busy week

  1. Ashley says:

    Maggie! What a hard week. I’m saying a prayer for your heart and the hearts you are praying for right now.

  2. maggie says:

    Thanks, Ashley dear!

  3. We don’t have a will either but have talked about it some. I should really look into doing something even if it’s not a legal document so like you said, at least some wishes will be known in case something would happen to me. As for the breastmilk, Hannah would be blessed if you’d provide for her if the need arose. Love you sister!

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