…to be crafty.

Not sly, sneaky crafty. Artsy, fartsy crafty.

I really want a sewing machine. But I also wanted a newspaper subscription to become a couponer, and I only finally pulled the papers out and sorted out coupons last night. I had a couple three weeks to go through. I felt bad for the trees. The subscription will be canceled.

So even though there’s a sewing machine half-off today (with a coupon I found in the paper!) at Hancock’s fabrics, I’m not buying it. (Actually, I may be able to borrow my mom’s or grandma’s…) I just don’t want to spend the money.

This month is We’re-both-serious-about-being-smart-with-our-money Month. It’s so much easier to have this kinda month when my paid maternity leave is over and medical bills arrive frequently.

So, I’m putting the dreams of owning a sewing machine on hold, as well as some plans to build a cool tiled headboard for the guestroom.

But who knows, maybe I can find some small projects around the house to work on…


About maggie

thirty-something. working on life.
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