…to always remember how cute my grandma’s emails are.

I emailed my grandma a couple of pictures of my sweet seven-week-old baby. This reply arrived in my inbox last night:

What a a nice  surprise to get such cute pictures and she is sure
changing  and is so cute.    It sure was a good surprise to get another
picture of  her.  I put up a place in the kitchen west wall.to put pictures up
she can  see us cook & eat & enjoy looking at her. She looks so HAPPY.
and so does her mother.. and I’m sure her daddy is so happy and so proud
of HER.  We think she is real special.   Come see us when you have time.
Have a good nite and a good day tomorrow.
We LOVE all three of you very much.
Grandma & Grandpa Taylor.

Good Night.

My grandma is 87 years old. (I think. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.) She isn’t the most computer-savvy woman, but she does all right. She has made her own greeting cards with Print Shop for years and years. She emails, obviously. She even has a Facebook account.

Can you think of anything cuter?


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2 Responses to …to always remember how cute my grandma’s emails are.

  1. Jamie Lynn says:

    Love it! Oh, Grandmas are so special.

  2. Grandma DOES send the cutest emails!

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