…everything checked off.

When I turned 24, I made a list of 25 things to accomplish before I turned 25. I didn’t do too hot.

Here’s how it turned out:

Run a 5k (not even close to training for one)
Drive a stick shift (drove one exclusively for about five weeks)
Bake a pie (my mother really did most of the work)
Graduate (so happy to enter the working world)
Use our cookbooks (made party balls from a party ball cookbook. yes, party balls.)
Knit something (my mother has tried to teach me how to knit more than once…)
Go camping (so fun!)
Perfect tortilla-making skills (well, they definitely improved)
Volunteer at the Little Light House (love that place, wish they needed a staff pharmacist!)
Hang curtains (not in every window, though..)
Plant a garden (and then we moved and it died)
Read 25 books (maybe got halfway there)
Bike ride at the river (very fun!)
Go to Europe (made it to Europe the day after I turned 25 thanks to a missed flight, but I’m counting it!)
Get involved in a church (we volunteer with the youth group, head up the young adult group, and are friends with the priests)
Go on a ride-along (I made Mark take me home after a couple hours because it was freezing!)
See the musical “Oklahoma!” (the show got rained out and I never rented the movie)
Save for a down payment on a home (we put 20% down)
Shoot a gun (bang!)
Learn Spanish (no hablo espanol)
Attend daily Mass 25 times (sadly, I failed miserably)
Catch up on scrapbooking and keep up (I’ve decided digital is the way to go and have given away most of my supplies)
Create a budget (I love spreadsheets)
Have a Whaylen women gathering (The FLW in OKC, oh yeah!)
Only own things that are useful, beautiful, and/or sentimental (a lofty goal, but I still like the idea)

Jamie was inspired by me, and in turn, I’m inspired by her. I’m going to work on making my 30 before 30 list sometime soon.


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thirty-something. working on life.
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One Response to …everything checked off.

  1. Hey! I was just thinking the other day about making a list of things to do before I turn 30. I should make a list and post it to the world the day I turn 28…that’s this weekend…eek!

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