…a clean house.

Just a few weeks ago, the main living areas in my house were the cleanest they’d probably ever been. Several factors led to that. We were having a lot of people over for lunch after our daughter’s baptism. That was pretty good motivation. Also, my mother-in-law sweetly hired a maid service for a couple hours. Which meant I needed to clean before they could clean. (Well, I decluttered and picked up so they could do the floors, dust, and clean the bathrooms.) And, of course, just being at home made it easier to get the place clean.

When I worked full-time before giving birth, I was salaried at 42 hours. Add in driving time, and it’s about 44 hours. Add in the fact that on rough days I would stay late, say it’s 45 hours. And, the extra time I spent there (sometimes on my days off, grr) because of managerial business, I’m guessing that job took, on average, 47 hours of my life a week.

Then I wonder about the hours I spent wiped out on the couch, recovering from standing 12 hours a day, especially when I was at the end of my pregnancy. That left little time and almost no motivation to keep up with the house.

There’s a great book called “Your Money or Your Life” that talks about calculating your true hourly wage. It’s an interesting concept…but now I’m straying from talking about my dreams of a clean house.

I’ve been really lazy regarding housework and cooking the past couple days, but I’ve decided to forgive myself and move on. Because my husband has Tuesdays and Wednesdays off from work, today is his Monday. I think I’ll view it as the start if my workweek, too.

Goals for today: a clean bathroom, a clean kitchen, and lots of clean laundry put away.

Wish me luck!


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One Response to …a clean house.

  1. Jamie Lynn says:

    I thought my house would be cleaner after becoming a SAHM, but it really just gets messier since we’re home all day.

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