…my baby to keep sleeping.

I am a first-time mama, and the wee one is just over six weeks old. Sometimes little Mary has her days and nights mixed up just a tiny bit. I really don’t mind because I’m more of a night owl and am currently on maternity leave.

A few weeks ago, she thought we should be awake for a couple hours in the middle of the night. No big deal, I just purchased “Sh*t My Dad Says” on iBooks and read aloud on my iPhone (being careful to edit the expletives, of course) while she was content to listen (or maybe ignore, it’s hard to know what newborns are thinking).

But tonight, Mary’s been kind of cranky. For kind of a long time. God love her, the child hasn’t had too many cranky moments yet, and this one wasn’t too terrible. She would be okay for thirty seconds to a minute, then make her cute little crying face for about ten seconds. This pattern didn’t break too often over the course of about two hours.

But now she is sleeping in her swing, and I’m testing out this WordPress app since my home internet is out of commission temporarily.

And I want her to keep sleeping as I move her to her co-sleeper and crawl into bed myself.

Crossing fingers…


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