…to help a great school for special needs kids win $500,000.

If only I had began blogging years ago, then maybe now I’d have enough followers to make a big difference in this contest. If only I were as famous as J. Money, The Pioneer Woman, or Meg, then I know I could spread the word so much faster!

Kohl’s is giving away $500,000 each to 20 schools. Thousands of schools are competing for it, and the 20 that get the most votes through a Facebook page win the cash.

Why should The Little Light House be in the top twenty?

To let you know why this school is amazing, let me steal from my sister, who is a teacher at TLLH:

Dear friends,

We are seeking support for a private, tuition free school in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The Little Light House is a Christian Developmental Center for children with special needs.  Educational and therapeutic services are provided at no cost to the families.  The school receives no government or United Way funds.  Donations from individuals, corporations and foundations fund all operations.

This school provides so many important services to 64 deserving kids ages birth to 6 years. Over 140 are on the waiting list to get in! While donations are always important to TLLH, because that’s how they are fully funded, NOW is when they really need some extra money. In hard economic times, sometimes the cash flowing from donations isn’t enough. Recently, they enacted “check upon request” which means that if a staff member needs their paycheck, they request it, otherwise they WAIT to get paid!

So, The Little Lighthouse needs this big donation! They have staff members who deserve their paychecks. They have kids that need to keep receiving services to help them develop into the beings God designed them to be. And their are the children who are just waiting to get into the school!

It seems like we’re so far from being in the top 20 schools, but we’ve got a plan. Teachers, parents, and friends of The Little Light House are banding together. We’re attempting to get 50 people to set up laptop stations in public spaces and get 80 people a day to cast their five votes for our school. We only have until Friday to get those votes!

Most of the schools in the top 20 are high schools and have many, many students with Facebook to spread the word. TLLH students don’t have Facebook accounts and need us to be their voice!

Go here to vote five times, or be directed from www.littlelighthouse.org.


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2 Responses to …to help a great school for special needs kids win $500,000.

  1. J$ says:

    Wonderful! Just voted my 5 times 🙂 Hope it helps!

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