To remember

My kids’ words can stop me in my tracks. 
Our dog, Wendy, was an angel for about a week and a half. Now we’ve had her for 3 months and she seems to becoming more of a puppy each day! She chewed on some things early on, but nothing of value or anything that made me get upset. Recently, I woke to the sound of her gnawing on something. Not on her bone, but on a wooden peg doll painted by a friend. So, one of a kind, and cry precious to me. I yelled and yelled. This woke Mary who came out and said in the sweetest voice:
“Wendy’s not a bad dog, mom. She’s a good dog. She’s just a puppy. We have to teach her to be a dog.”
And the other day when leaving the children’s museum, I saw a homeless man in the park. I’ve seen him dozens of times at an underpass not far from there. He was walking away from us, as we sat in the van about to leave, and Clare stopped mid-whine to point and say,
“Hey, they look like Mary, Mother of God! It’s Mary!”
He had a coat hanging off his head by the hood, so I guess he looked veiled 🙂

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Crazy Clare

I love C Bear to death. But she’s crazy. 🙂 Mostly regarding going to bed, or picking out clothes, or being demanding about food. She’s just a crazy two-year-old!

Lately she loves wearing her heart sweater. Or any outfit she wore the day before.

She is hungry first thing in the morning. Like, she doesn’t want to wait the 60 seconds it takes to heat up the frozen sausage.

She naps at school, or in the car, or will collapse on the living room floor late in the evening.




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4 1/2

How is my baby so old? As of January 16th, Mary is officially 4 1/2, but don’t tell her because months ago she asked if we could have her half birthday party at My Little Dollhouse.

She got invited to two classmates’ birthday parties this week. The odd thing was that one invite was sent home Thursday for a party the very next day! She couldn’t go because I was working til 7 pm, and it would be a huge hassle for Mark to take her by himself with the two other kids too. After she went to the birthday party today, she told me that the other birthday girl was there. Mary said she told her, “I’m sorry I couldn’t go to your party. I hope you had a good birthday.” How sweet is my girl?! When I talked with Mary on Friday about why she had to miss that party, I told her she could explain it to her friend at school, so it’s not like she came up with it all by herself, but I’m proud she remembered and was so polite. What a gem.

Other Mary stories while I’m thinking of them:

The other day they came by to see me at work and my manager Amy asked Mary what she was learning in school. Mary replied something about the letter P, so Amy asked what words started with me. Mary replied, “Pig…and pharmacy.” Haha! So smart!

Tonight Mark was talking on the phone with his best friend, Fr Colin (also happens to be Mary’s godfather), and Mary said she had questions for him. First was, “How are Jesus and God the same person?” And then, “Why can’t women be priests?” I guess she really takes it to heart and remembers these things, because sometimes when I feel like our deep conversations are going in circles, I tell her to ask Fr Colin. But it’s been at least a couple months since she’s asked questions like that to me.

This little girl’s kindergarten application is due at the end of the week. I can’t believe how fast time flies.


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Yesterday I was so crabby. I really think it had to do with hormones (thanks to breastfeeding around the clock) and lack of quality sleep. I seriously could have just cried for no reason and that is very unlike me.

In all my crabbiness and crankiness, my two girls cracked me up.

First, Clare mooned Mary. She was running around in just her undies (pretty common because of all her wardrobe changes), and I walked into where they were playing to see Clare pull down her undies and say, “Mary look at my bottom!” I could not not smile when I told her to never do that. Oh man.

And later, Mary informed me she was going to draw me a picture of where she was going to go. She came back quickly with a folded piece of paper, dropped it by me, and took off to the bathroom. After I looked at the drawing, I went to check on her going potty and talked with her about the picture. She asked why I kept smiling. Uhh…because you drew yourself with your pants at your ankles??


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She gets jokes

We were decorating the Christmas tree and Mary asked me what was written on an ornament. It is a Hallmark one from my grandma, little bowls all stacked together with forks inside, and reads “May the forks be with you”. I guess it’s intended for nerdy bakers? Chefs who like Star Wars? Anyways, after I told her, she just giggled and giggled. I thought it was because she just knew it was a joke, because, of course, how could she understand that play on words?

And then she explained, “It’s supposed to be “The Lord be with you!”


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It’s always one

One girl usually falls asleep fast, and the other acts so wide awake FOREVER. Tonight, it’s Clare. I’m sitting at the food of their bed, waiting for her to go to sleep. She napped until 4:00, so I understand, but it’s still frustrating. I even got John in his crib, which is no small feat. I could be doing something else now like dishes or watching Gilmore Girls, but nope, just sitting at the foot of their bed.

So yes, I’m back to a steady pharmacist job. Working part-time at Target, but am in training for a few weeks with a variable schedule. This week I was scheduled for 40 hours (ugh), but asked for 5 hours off one day. Out of the 35 hours, we only needed childcare for 5. That means Mark and I haven’t seen much of each other.

Work is good, though. I really like it. It won’t be quite as fun when I’m the only pharmacist, but it’s a good place. I’m working at the pharmacy I opened after graduating. It’s fun to see old customers from five years ago. I have recognized lots of names and faces.

Mark’s work is going well too. He made number one on the corporal’s list which is basically AWESOME. I am so proud of him. He loves his job and is good at it. What more could you want for a career? He will promote in the next few weeks, do some training, then go back to his current squad as corporal. It’s such a great schedule for us right now, so that makes me extra thankful that everything is falling into place for me to work more.

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Driving down Peoria and Mary announces she wants to stop at Subwich. She tells me it’s a new word she learned today. We were passing Subway, so I asked, “Do you mean Subway?” She laughs and says yes. I ask what she wants to get and she tells me, “Nothing. You can just get something for yourself.” Instead we went to Sonic so I could get a happy hour coke and the girls could scream about not wanting to share apple slices.

Tonight John had his first tea party with his sisters. He was really good at holding the saucer and shoving it in his mouth. Mary gave me a pretend menu and told me to tell the waiter what I wanted. I requested scones and fruit. I asked Clare what she ordered and she replied, “Poop. I eat poop.” And then the giggles. I have no idea why she thinks poop is so funny. Both girls love to just throw that word around and giggle and giggle.

Mary’s class had a pow wow today. She told me her Native American name this morning before class. I was impressed when I saw it on her vest later.

I sent macaroni and cheese with hotdogs for Clare’s lunch. First time to branch out past a sandwich or pepperonis. I wasn’t sure how well the Thermos would work, but figured it would be okay because she routinely requests cold leftover mac & cheese and eats it straight from the fridge. I was happy to have a reason to use the container I bought Mark many years ago.



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